About us

Pachikuva is an online platform developed to crowdsource, process and disseminate information so as to increase social activism, improve the access to information and push for government accountability. Pachikuva, which translates to “pulpit” in Shona, was developed to gather reports and analytics of challenges facing the marginalised community of Zimbabwe. Thousands of regular citizens including established journalists can use our crowdsourcing tools to raise their voice. 

We are a social enterprise that provides statistics, analytics, surveys etc. for numerous sectors and civil society to help improve the bottom up flow of information. We believe that if marginalized people are able to easily communicate to those who aim to serve them. Then those organizations and governments can more effectively respond to their community’s needs. Simultaneously we bring global attention to their problems through the aggregation of their voices.


Our mission is to ensure relevant media and information is collected and distributed keeping track, accounting for Government projects therefore increasing social activism for open, effective and participatory Governance.


Our vision is to see an Accountable government fostered by easy access to information and increased social activism through citizen participation.


Issues we address


Pachikuva seeks to increase engagement and activism on important issues affecting youths fostering open, effective and participatory governance


Pachikuva creates an  information resource concerning relevant media, information, analysis and statistics for ongoing government projects.


Pachikuva tracks and keeps account of key project data to ensure Government accountability so as to empower and protect youths and marginalised communities through increased transparency.


Speak Truth to Power Award

Pachikuva was given an award for a new media solution and  platform encouraging accountability and dialogue (with local authorities, city council, local government and government)