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Disparity in quality of Harare-Beitbridge highway due to different contacted companies

The Harare-Beitbridge highway road has been in the process of being re-constructed for months now. This was after a loud outcry from the public for over decade now. The road seemed to be the busiest yet got the least attention, not to mention a lot of accidents.

Comments from the general public seem to be okay with most of the travelers commending the good work. However, road expects, bus drivers and truck drivers seem to see otherwise. Road expects had already saw this coming, however considering that giving the contract to a number of companies would speed up the process it seemed a good idea. The contract was given to a number of companies which include Bitumen and Masimba construction just to mention a few.

Each company was given a specific number of kilometers of road they should complete. However, with different companies operating comes different quality of work hence disparity in the quality of the road. Reports from truck drivers say Bitumen is managing to produce the best quality of road and the other companies differ as well. Obviously if the companies have different levels of knowledge and different quality of machinery such a scenario would not be avoidable. Quality tests and standards measures will need to be set up in order to ensure a better product is achieved.


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