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Harare City council collaborating with contractors for the final touches of the Mbuya Nehanda statue

The much-awaited Mbuya Nehanda statue is now nearing completion with most of the ground work finished. According to reports from construction experts the most difficult work has been done. The public is also seeing how it looks a bit similar to the 3d model that was being disseminated before the project started. The Harare City council is now assisting the construction team in developing the surroundings of the actual building.

Since its going to be unveiled as a form of urban tourism and resembling our respect to our late heroin the whole area needs to be fully refurbished. Road sides, pavements, billboards are amongst the items that being refurbished by the local council. The roads at the intersection where the Statue is going to be are truly busy under normal circumstances.

Though the project did not meet the set deadlines of completion, in actual fact the project should have been complete a couple of weeks back according to the initial plan. It is looking rather good and surely the public will have to embrace it when it is finished.


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