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Six-Storey Parliament Building in Mount Hampden nears completion

Structural works on the six-storey Parliament Building in Mount Hampden is now 100% complete; only internal and external endeavours to enhance the beauty of the structure and make it usable remain. Such works to do with electricity, water supplies, air conditioning and all that which makes habitation comfortable, are what they are working on now.

On December 1 2018 Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa commissioned the construction of Zimbabwe’s new parliament building in Mt. Hampden, 25 km west of the capital Harare, by Chinese firm Shanghai Construction Group.

The Chinese government will provide about 100 million U.S. dollars grant for the construction of the new parliament structure, which will be the largest building to be funded by Chinese government in a southern African country. According to plan the Zimbabwean Government is to support with about 10 million dollars for offsite infrastructure such as residential areas and shopping centres.

The construction of the building is said to have a deadline of March 2021 according to reports and surprisingly the project might actually be complete before the date. Only time will decide.


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