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Vehicle Number Plates Production to be a new venture for Universities and Colleges

Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development Minister Amon Murwira said that the production of plates would be coordinated through a national project being implemented by a consortium of universities and colleges at their innovation hubs.

The country has had a backlog of number plates production for years now. According to the Central Vehicle Registry, Zimbabwe’s vehicle population stands around 1.3 million. This has led to a number of recently imported cars to have papers sticked on their cars resembling the registration plates. According to reports the responsible entity claims they do not have enough raw materials to satisfy the demand. Then if resources are the root problem, how will colleges help ease the shortage. The country reportedly spends more than US$800 000 annually in importing vehicle number plates.

Murwira told State media that universities and colleges will use local resources and skills to develop a system that will ease the shortage of vehicle number plates, create a new generation vehicle registration system that will improve driving standards and prevent fraud. If an approximated 170 000 vehicles on the country’s roads are not registered how long can we expect the solution to show signs of progress. If the Government openly admits that the vehicle registration system is dead why then are drivers with unregistered cars getting arrested in the streets?


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