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What is Pfumvudza and how will the nation benefit. What measures have been taken to ensure transparency and accountability in the distribution of Government input assistance.

Pfumvudza is a farming concept that uses a climate-proofing agricultural concept which emphasises on the use of conservation farming techniques to make the most out of small pieces of land. Essentially it allows Zimbabweans to get the most of produce from a small piece of land. More so Pfumvudza is targeted for smallholder farmers in the country.

Small holder farmers will mainly benefit from training and the Government input assistance. Former Lands, Agriculture, Water and Rural Resettlement Minister the late Perrance Shiri said “if the new concept was applied by smallholder farmers it would ensure household food security, while large-scale farmers will produce for the Strategic Grain Reserve.”

However, Government inputs distribution is not entirely new in the country and accountability issues always came up in previous cases. Critiques are quick to bring out the flaws experienced during the command agriculture programs and officials say this time around the Pfumvudza is rather different. Only time will show the difference.

The command agriculture was mainly focused on persons who already had some semblance of empowerment owning farming equipment such as tractors, harvesters as well as water bodies. This time around, the Pfumvudza farming program is meant to benefit those smallholder farmers who don’t have tractors, cattle or other such equipment.

The question then arises as to what will be done to ensure distribution of inputs is accountable, transparent and not politicised.


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