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Who is demolishing houses in Budiriro?

More than 190 houses illegally built on land earmarked for a school were demolished last Tuesday 8 December 2020. However, no one seems to openly admit to carrying out the demolitions.

The herald reports the City of Harare officials demolished illegal houses in Budiriro. Other reports state Budiriro 4’s demolished Tembwe Housing Cooperative mastermind, Caleb Kadye, a bigwig in the ruling Zanu PF party, pocketed US$500 000 from unsuspecting home seekers whose houses were demolished this week by the Harare City Council.

The MDC Alliance which has most of its members working in the City Council has condemned the act saying the residents became victims of fighting between Zanu Pf factions. More so Mayor Jacob Mafume said “They (Government and cooperatives) bypassed council and created co-operatives regulated by the Co-operative Act under minister Sithembiso Nyoni.” He also added “The co-operatives are not regulated by council but registered by Government. It is Government which has a register of these co-operatives. They report to Government and we do not have power over them.”

However, state run media claims Council mistimed the demolitions where as reports from the council say they did not authorise the demolitions and actually informed the residents that they are not coming 2 weeks earlier. Surely this has politics written all over it, the Zanu Pf run Government vs MDC Alliance run Council locking horns all in the expense of vulnerable residents.


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