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Woes rise as Zim gets Sinopharm vaccine from China

So many unanswered questions with how the Covid 19 vaccine is going to be rolled out in Zimbabwe. The Chinese Government recently donated 200 000 doses of the Sinopharm vaccine. However, the vaccine has not been tested on the new variant reported to have developed from South Africa. The 200 000 doses recently arrived at the Robert Mugabe International Airport in the capital Harare.

According to the Head of Zimbabwe’s Vaccination Program Dr Robert Mudyiradima they are going to measure if the vaccine works during the vaccination process. More so Dr Mudyiradima said “when the vaccine was developed it was never tested if it works on the so called South African variant and so as it stands no one is able to confidently say the vaccine works or not.”

Inconsistences such as these will not ease the outcry from the Government critics and sceptics. If we are going to have another vaccine that is different from this batch from Sinopharm, will the rollout be fair? Outcry from the public is that we just acquire one vaccine that has been tested on the variant for the whole nation. Other countries like Canada have acquired doses enough to vaccinate their people four times.


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