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Zimbabwe has decentralized vaccine roll out for some time but still uptake numbers are still low

A total of 111,588 people in Zimbabwe have so far been vaccinated with Chinese vaccines since the national inoculation program began on Feb. 18. However, with the availability of the vaccines Sinopharm and Sinovac from China and others from Russia, India and the Covax global distribution scheme the country has decentralised the vaccine roll out.

Decentralising the vaccine roll out means the country has opened more vaccination points and not only frontline workers can be vaccinated but anyone can go at any vaccination point and get his first jab. The Harare city council in a statement said “Twenty-four centres including hospitals, polyclinics and satellite clinics have been designated as vaccination points in the city of about 1.5 million people”. Vaccination points all over the country are still being set up.

However, considering all these measures the vaccine take out by the public is still awfully low. Maybe it’s the Chinese vaccines people fear, perhaps they are waiting for the vaccines given in western countries, or they are not aware that its now decentralised. So, I guess its up to the Government to do programs that promote better vaccine uptake. Covid 19 infections have been steady but considering the amount of people in busy areas and increased movement a second wave is inevitable if most people are not vaccinated.


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